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I am an old-fashioned bard.

A few years ago, I ripped out the last bits of filter between my muse and my fingertips.  Everything here is a story, deeply-felt and told, the nonfiction deeply reported.

This latest, An Elegant Defense, is the story of the science of the immune system told through four powerful medical stories. It brought me to a keen new understanding of life, longevity and happiness. I hope it does the same for you.




Dead on Arrival

“An intellectual thrill ride that tucks searing social critique into the Trojan horse of a save-the-world page-turner.”

- New York Times Book Review

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Dead on Arrival

“Richtel grabs the audience by the throat from the start of this intelligent nail-biter.”

- Publisher’s Weekly, STARRED Review

What does Matt have in common with John Stewart, Jay Z and Steven Sondheim?

All named among The Best of Fresh Air.