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“Engaging and provocative.  He gets the audience to ask questions, reassess their assumptions and most of all, to think."

- David Jenemann, University of Vermont






Matt Richtel Discusses A DEADLY WANDERING at NODA 2014
Reggie Shaw's Texting-While-Driving Tragedy | A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel
Davis Parent University Presents: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Richtel: A Deadly Wandering
A Deadly Wandering | Matt Richtel | Talks at Google
A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel
Smart People Podcast: Episode 193 – Matt Richtel – What is Technology Doing to Us?


The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens

Impact Of Heavy Tech Use On Brain And Learning

Distracted Driving, Science And Policy

Immune System Science And Your Health

How To Be Creative -- Nurturing The Muse, For All Ages


Common Read for A Deadly Wandering

Butte College

California State University

Chico Coastal Carolina University
Boise State University
University of Cincinnati

University of Vermont



"Matt's ability to connect with an audience of scientists and engage them in meaningful conversations about the intersections of science and journalism were superb, and made clear how he is able to write so thoughtfully and captivatingly about highly technical scientific topics. That ability, along with his fantastic humor and genuine interest in everyone he met, made for a truly remarkable and successful event!”

- Emily Kagey, Director of LSI Marketing and Communications, University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute

“Engaging and provocative. He gets the audience to ask questions, reassess their

assumptions, and most of all, to think... The perfect first-year read.”

- David Jenemann, acting dean, honors college, University of Vermont.

"Powerful and compelling sprinkled with just the right amount of wit...

Matt’s handling of the Q&A highlighted his gift as an intelligent communicator. I was particularly impressed by Matt’s ability to make those around him feel appreciated for what they were doing for him and his willingness to do whatever we asked of him.  To summarize; very professional, engaging and genuine. 

A pleasure to work with."

- Dan Goodsell, Office of University Public Engagement, California State University, Chico.

“Matt connects wonderfully with audiences. It’s an important topic for today’s students discussed and told with care for the lives touched and with great insight on the science around our use of technology.” 

- Stephen Cummins, Director, University Public Engagement California State University, Chico.

“The meaningful impact he had on students, faculty, and staff cannot be overstated.”

- Erin Muggli, Project Manager, Office of the Provost, Boise State University

"Fantastic – interesting, insightful and engaging.”

- Susan Baker, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

“One of the best closing speakers we have had.”

- Barbara Harsha, Executive Director, Governors Highway Safety Association


“A powerful impact....Your events were the most well-attended of any we have had in a number of years. Your keynote was in our largest auditorium—holding about 900 students—and it was full. But I think more importantly, students weren’t just attending, they were listening and engaging.”

- Elizabeth Zold, Assistant Professor of English, Winona State University

“He kept the audience engaged and spell bound”

- Darrin Grondel, Director, Washington Traffic Safety Commission

“A fantastic conversation”

- Alyson Geller, organizer, Jewish Community Center, Marin, CA

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